Intimate Strangers series published in ANDIVERO Issue #4

The closer you come to somebody, the greater potential there is for pain. It is the fear of pain that often drives us away from finding true intimacy. - Marshall Hodges.

it's nice to have my name printed on a front cover but one day soon it'll be a photo. 

Hello all! Issue #4 of ANDIVERO Magazine was released today and my "Intimate Strangers" black and white film series with the lovely ladies Lou, Jessica & Isabelle is published in a four-page spread. Check it out at

where you can download a FREE copy or order a printed copy.




For many, they struggle with a lack of intimacy in their lives. We long 

to find ones to share our inner-world; our passion, thoughts, fears 

and desires. 


It is never easy to let our guards down and trust another. 

Without intimacy, we have the experience of loneliness yet it is often 

at the critical point, that we draw back. 


We build walls around ourselves to protect our ego and ironically 

the same wall is what keeps us stuck inside. Are we afraid of love? 

A certain level of intimacy is created in moments where our vulnerabilities

are exposed. This series is the photographer’s personal exploration of all 

spectrums of intimacy ranging from the physical, mental, social, emotional 

or spiritual. "