Behind the scenes: Gothic Renaissance Dream with Alissa Kasan

Some photos from last week's castle fashion shoot at Chateau des Vincennes. For this shoot, I went a week earlier to scout the location and asked the staff there if it was okay to shoot there as long as it was not for commercial purposes.

I got the okay from two staff who told me it was okay to shoot outdoors as well as indoors. I even called them again a couple of days before and someone there told me it was okay to do the shoot.

So, what do you know? As with every shoot, something goes wrong.

On the day of the shoot, we were told we weren't allowed to shoot inside the castle, even after I bought tickets. We tried a few times to convince them to no avail . We ended up having to do the shoot outdoors only. I felt t was not worth the time and negative energy arguing with them so I didn't even bother to put in my 2 cents.

On a positive note, we were still able to use the chateau grounds and we enjoyed a nice picnic in the sun. Thanks to everyone on the team. Model Alissa for her warm presence and great attitude, stylist and designer Kriss for allowing us to use her place and for helping me with the picnic, Saya always for being reliable and doing a good job with the hair, Julie for doing the makeup while feeling a little under the weather and young fashion designer Linda for her beautiful dress.

Note to self. Make sure to get written authorization from the Mairie de Paris next time but this would usually take three weeks and some money out of the pocket fuck it. :)

pre-shoot picnic with the crew

ran into a bit of problem mid-way through when we needed a power point to do the hair. there was none at the chateau so we found a kebab store nearby. :) unfortunately due to the noisy hairdryer , we were soon kicked out lol

Model: Alissa Kasan 

MUA: Julie Common

Hair: Saya O

Styling: Kriss Terauda

Dress by: Linda Lateb

Necklace: Imuka Tikumat Paris