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"I know i need to deal with my inner demons, but it's easier to just take a photo and tell myself there's an elephant in the room."



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Jun 2013 - "Catwoman Day & Night" Group Exhibition organised by Miguel Demonia | L'Oxyd bar, Paris, France 

May 2013 - "Spéos 2012-13 End-of-the-Year" Group Exhibition" | Spéos Photographic Institute, Paris, France

February 2013 - "Tipping Point" | Socialdocumentary.net (Web)

Dec 2012 - "Black Rain" | "Natsuki Kishi's Natural Rhythm" | Plastic Factory,  Nagoya, Japan

Dec 2011 - "Memories Awashed" | "Rescue Japan Group Exhibition for charity" |  Strings, Intercontinential Hotel Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan

Aug 2011 - "The Death of Metabolism" | "City of Women Group Exhibition"|  SNS Cafe Gallery, Santiago, Chile